Support Girls in Math, Tech & STEM !


To supercharge a path for young women into careers that significantly involve mathematics.



Girls Math will host a series of exclusively middle-school age girls’ math field days around the world that builds a community of participants, mentors and sponsors united to balance the gender inequity in the math-related workplace.



Girls Math is Committed To:

  • Growing the number of girls involved in Math outside of their traditional, required school setting, opening the doors to the more competitive co-ed competitive landscape that currently exists but has less than optimal amount of female participation.
  • Giving girls an opportunity to embrace math in a comfortable, socially-empowering environment.
  • Producing world-class events that delight all involved parties.
  • Participating in a long-term solution that balances gender equality in math-related careers.
  • Providing companies and foundations with an opportunity to significantly contribute both financially and with manpower and resources towards this cause and create lasting relationships.

Girls are just as smart as boys. Why do we need a Girls-Only organization?

This is the most common objection we get when our idea is presented and we couldn't agree more about the capabilities of girls.

We know math is not a contact sport, but the extracurricular network that exists in math, specifically the competitive portion, is broken as it relates to including young females. Girls either don't feel welcome or it can't match the other options they have for their time.


By inviting girls only, we are removing major hurdles to involvement in extracurricular math and creating an opportunity to build digital and real-world communities for a vital portion of our population.

Once exposed to the fun of a Girls Math event which explores the career opportunities that math involves, we are confident that many of these girls will find their way into challenging classes, on to advanced co-ed teams and then into diverse companies helping to build a brighter future for all.